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Grimes Lodge, affectionately called the main lodge, is at the center of the retreat’s property. This 3,000-foot building hosts many opportunities for community gatherings both for traveling retreaters and the local Big Horn Basin. The main floor dining room, front veranda and back terrace can create space for a plethora of center’s meals and events.


The inside dining room can sit up to 45 people and a flexible 100 when opened up to the back terrace and lawn. The backyard view captivates visitors with beautiful, green landscape on the edge of the quickly rising backcountry and TAC’s many hiking trails.


The main lodge also holds the center’s chapel, sitting up to 20-25 people and the cataloged library.


The library hosts many conversation circles, including monthly appointments with an available Spiritual Director.

Chapel Ambiance
TAC Chapel


TAC staff offers sample meal listings to choose from. Our standard menu always reflects our effort to provide high-quality food at an economical price. TAC Meal Plan* (All meal costs are per person per day and the number of meals are chosen by the group). BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, MEETING BREAKS, APPETIZERS. No outside alcohol is allowed inside the main lodge.


We are pleased to offer our guests the option of organic and locally grown foods whenever possible. Our CSA is Shoshone River Farm during the summer and fall months. This option is available to the entire group. Beverages (coffee, hot tea and unsweetened tea) are included with meals as well as a small dessert with dinner. Special dietary needs are accommodated upon request and those requests must be received by TAC staff no later than two weeks prior to arrival. Sack lunches will be provided for day trips upon request. Those requests also must be arranged in advance of arrival. For guests who opt not to use TAC’s food service and prefer to provide their own, each lodge has a fully updated kitchen with necessary appliances.

Don't hesitate to contact the office for year-round rental pricing.

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