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Thomas the Apostle Center has had the dream of bringing the arts and creativity to the heart of its visitors since before the center even existed. There is one large art studio on property that hosts monthly events for the community and rental programs.

The art exhibits in each conference space allows for local artists to display their work. The exhibition wall in Daphne’s house, alongside the art studio, is a rotating space to display different artist’s works. The Gallery Room in the Studio House is a display of Daphne Grime's sculptures, icons and paintings. The center's collection of icons can be found in the chapel.

The property art studio offers an adjacent bathroom connected to the rental. The lawn and patio space outside its floor-to-ceiling window view lends itself to creative musings as well. Art classes, workshops and forums love gathering in the various spaces depending on the weather and season.


To create a private event in the space, it is $150 for a full-day and $75 for a half day. There is a $100 additional fee if the space is not returned in its original condition.

Please eye the schedule below for TAC's Artists-On-Display for 2024.
Call the office for space inquiries in 2024.

TAC Flowers
Shirley Oil on Canvas

Daphne Grimes

Daphne Grimes is the visionary and creator of Thomas the Apostle Center. On property, three different spaces were her original art studio, the current one being the most recent and only preserved iteration. This Spring a collection of her abstract work is on display in the exhibit space off of the art studio.

March 1-June 15, 2024


In July, a group of local artists came together to display different view points and expressions highlighting Cody's central display, Heart Mountain. This is in collaboration with the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Summer 2023 NEH Workshops at the Heart Mountain Institute. 

Thank you to all the artists who are a part of this collaboration.

All proceeds go back to the artist and their continued work.


July 1th-July 24th, 2023

Plein Air Artist Collaboration


 Heart Mountain Exhibit

Rob Koelling is a local wildlife photographer and retired professor at Northwest College. This late fall exhibit is called "Migratory Patterns at TAC" catching a glimpse of the unique and rare species of birds that flock towards property through out the year. The exhibit highlights TAC's Buchanan Lake and the Wild Bird Preserve along with other local gatherings for our winged friends.

Pieces are on display through November and then will be up for auction.

Proceeds go towards the Boardwalk Campaign for TAC's Wild Bird Preserve.


October 1- December 1, 2023

Wildlife Photography

avocet7056 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 4.32.21 PM.png

Rob Koelling

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