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What is Spiritual Direction?

It is said that as we lean into nothing, a quiet space emptied of distraction, we will always find Something.

As we lean into a space where we wish to release and ask the question, "God, what is for me?", we find a presence that meets with us, a movement that brings Truth, a space to pray and dwell with Light, with Goodness, with the Intimate Friend. The Spirit of Christ meets us here.

New directee slots will open up in the winter of 2024. Please contact the office for initial inquiries now.

The Visitor

As one who seeks direction, this intention is made to take space for quiet, discernment and intentional prayer. As a candle is lit, we are reminded that the Holy Spirit welcomes you, cherishes you and desires to be in the midst of the space.

Take time to consider how to be in this intentional space for you and God to connect in prayer.

Have you ever considered that God wants to connect deeper with you?

Wants to hear from you?

Wants to respond to you?

What would life be like with a space to seek wisdom and renewal?

Will you seek a space to connect to this wisdom?

Will you take space to be renewed?

The Listener and Supporter

Let's deepen our love for God, ourself and our neighbor.

Find yourself in a prayer-centered environment led by a certified director who will pray, listen and intercede along with you and for you.

"We enter Spiritual Direction because we wish to live in growing intimacy with God, realize the Spirit of God and be attentive to God's desires and values."

- J. Bakke | Holy Invitation

The director is this listener and support, aiding in your spiritual growth and personal relationship with the Creator.

Currently offering through a Zoom platform. Must request in-person.

"Without a life of the spirit, our whole existence becomes unsubstantial and illusory. The life of the spirit, by integrating us in the real order established by God, puts us in the fullest possible contact with reality -- not as we imagine it, but as it really is."- T. Merton | No Man is an Island

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