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About Us

TAC is a Christian retreat center for all people dedicated to fostering spiritual renewal and creative thinking in a quiet and reflective environment. We seek to model a way of life that cares for the people we serve and for creation.

Meet the Co-Directors

Rebekah and Robert Mason originate from Durham, NC and leads as the co-directors of Thomas the Apostle Center.

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Our Board

Our Board

Gretchen Henrich


2018-2020 | 2020-2023

Betsy Sell



The Rt. Rev. Chandler

Wyoming Bishop

Martha Moewes



Joe Wildman

Rev. Ron Philips

Steve Nickles

Erin Brindle





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Our Story

Our Story

TAC sits on land wintered by the modern day Shoshone and Crow Native American Tribes, along the back of the Absaroka Mountains. The property and each house eyes the historic Heart Mountain, a sacred land site for many Native American groups.


The center was founded by the Rev Daphne Grimes, an Episcopal priest, in 1989. It had been Daphne’s dream to cultivate a center of excellence to support and encourage individuals’ and artists’ spiritual journeys. She gifted TAC to The Episcopal Church of Wyoming to ensure its longevity.

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Our Diocese

The Episcopal Church in Wyoming seeks to be God’s loving community throughout Wyoming and the world.

Our Diocese

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