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There are many conference rooms on TAC’s property available all year round. Each used for meetings or programs, corporate retreats, team building, artist workshops, book discussions, outdoor gardening, birding and more.

Each is available for half-day, full-day or multiple-day rentals. The spaces can host twenty to forty people depending on the room available and the need for tables. If multiple days, housing can be provided. All conference room rentals come with complimentary hot tea and coffee in the morning and an offering of tea in the afternoon. 


A full day for a conference room is $150 dollars, $75 for a half-day. Food service is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and a morning sidebar or afternoon snack option. Pricing for these options can be sent upon inquiry. If you are fully renting out the property, there is no extra charge for conference room use. These are available for your use 24/7.


With site-wide fiber optics, newly purchased wi-fi technology is made available for Zoom meetings or presentations. In addition, we provide a large TV screen for the zooms and the necessary audio mic with DVD player. We also offer audio-video equipment, white boards, projectors and necessary office supplies upon request.

Each conference room holds a space for an art exhibition wall. Some of these rotate with local artists and some display the work of the center’s original beneficiary.

Don't hesitate to contact the office for availability and special requests.

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